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All systems power by Quantum Crystals ™ were independently tested for the reduction of supplemental bacteria form disinfected public drinking water or other drinking water that has been deemed acceptable for human consumption by the state or local health agency.
All systems power by Quantum Crystals ™ have been designed to reduce normally occurring non-pathogenic nuisance microorganisms.
All systems power by Quantum Crystals ™ and the Quantum Crystals ™ media itself are 100% made in USA.

Claire-Technology Quantum Crystals ™

Media in Bulk

Quantum Disinfection Media

QC Media Certifications

NSF 42, NFS 61 & MOH China


The QC ceramics are:

- a NSF Certified Component to NSF/ANSI 42 for material requirements only - USA - Certificate of Listing: C0292640-01
- a IAPMO Certified Component to NSF/ANSI 61 for material requirements only - USA - Certificate of Listing: W-10747
- a MOH Certified Certified Component to GB/T 5750-2006 Standard for material requirements only - China - Certificate of Listing: 2015KF2513

Quantum Crystals ™ Media Specifications


QC Simplified Molecular Structure

10: is the Activated Alumina bulk; 12: is the first deposition (CVD-ML); 14: is the second deposition (DI); 18 and 28: are the Oxygen atoms;
20: are the diamond crystals from the first deposition (CVD-ML); 22: are the Chlorine atoms; 23. are the Silver atoms
24: are the cubic crystals from the second deposition (DI); 30: are the Titanium atoms; 32: are the Aluminum atoms; 26: is the germicide surface

3rd Party Lab Tests

EPA, Eurofins, Ackuatilabs, Microbac, Proteus
Quantum Disinfection 3rd Party

QC Applications

Cartridges, Units, Systems and Devices
Quantum Disinfection Applications

QC Testing

Field, Pilot and Laboratory Environment Testing
Quantum Disinfection Testing

For Original Equipment Manufactures only

For Original Equipment Manufactures Only

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