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Claire-Technology Quantum Crystals ™
A Technological Breakthrough

The Quantum Crystals ™ are using a new technology based on the quantum mechanic principles of electron movements in micro-crystals that create active surfaces (positively charged with electron holes) capable to lyse the cells of microorganisms, like for example, the non-pathogen E. coli bacteria (strain 11775), causing their entire structure to collapse.
For more information please request the QC - Mode of Action.pdf

The Quantum Crystals ™ are a catalyst:
improving the water quality with its activated surfaces, no power, no chemicals, no maintenance.

The Quantum Crystals ™ are a ceramic:
alumina based, environmental friendly, insoluble and odorless.

The Quantum Crystals ™ work based on a new phenomenon – the “knife effect”: lysis of the non-pathogen microorganisms  cells.

The Quantum Crystals ™ are a solid media:
easy to apply, easy to handle, always to be placed in packed beds.

The Quantum Crystals ™ remove the microorganisms instantly:
there is no contact time required.

Water simply has to pass over the Quantum Crystals ™ media and the
microorganisms are instantly destroyed through the catalytic electron exchange.

Give Any Device Extra-Purification Capabilities


The QC ceramics are used in systems for well water and city water sources for homes, offices, and process applications:
up to 12 GPM.


A small quantity of QC ceramics can purify all POU systems such as faucets, under the sink systems, ice and beverage machines, coolers, misters, showers, dental chairs, etc.


With no power requirements and working in gravitational flows, QC media can give a supplementary purification capacities to all pitcher devices, bracket units, suspended tanks, etc.

High Flows

The QC ceramics can be applied for high flow water extra-purification in industries like beverages, poultry and agriculture:
up to 50 GPM or more


Post Reverse Osmosis

The QC media are used as a safeguard against odors for RO systems. You can really drink RO water now!

Custom Applications

The QC media can be tailored into many other custom applications across a large variety of markets and flow rates.

Quantum Crystals ™ Frequently Asked Questions

Quantum Disinfection

How these ceramics work?

The QC ceramics are a catalyst with activated surfaces. The microorganisms that get into a direct contact with the sharp micro-crystals at the surface of the QC media are instantly cut and lose their cellular integrity without any possibility of remediation.

Are the QC ceramics a filter?

No. It is a water purification media. Besides, it needs a primary filtration (at least 5 micron) to work properly, otherwise the activated sites can be clogged.

Does the QC ceramics leach?

No. The QC ceramics do not leach anything in the water, no ions, no chemicals.

Does the QC ceramics kill microorganisms by chemical means?

No. The reduction of microorganisms happens due to the micro-crystals cutting action.

Are the QC ceramics certified?

– a NSF Certified Component to NSF/ANSI 42 for material requirements only USA(Certificate of listing #: C0292640-01)
– a IAPMO Certified Component to NSF/ANSI 61 for material requirements only USA(Certificate of listing #: W-10747)
– a MOH Certified Component to GB/T 5750-2006 Standard for material requirements only – China (Certificate of listing #: 2015KF2513)

How are the QC ceramics applied?

The ceramics can only be applied in packed bed in devices, systems or units with an inlet and an outlet that can ensure the contact of microorganisms with the activated ceramics.
No by-passes are allowed.

Have the QC ceramics been tested by 3rd party labs?

Yes. The QC ceramics have been rigorously tested and posted excellent results by:

  • Environmental Protection Agency, US EPA
  • Eurofins US; Eurofins France
  • Proteus, France
  • Guangdong Detection Center of Microbiology, China
  • Avazyme, US
  • Ackuritlabs, US
  • and others

All of these reports are available upon request.

How long the QC ceramics last?

Theoretically, forever.
In practice, all depends of the inlet water quality.
Claire works closely with our OEM partners to design cartridges and devices that meet end-of-life criteria. For Claire’s own systems, such as the PLATINUM unit (see Products), the warrantied life is 200,000 gallons, or over 1 year of normal household use.

Where to install the QC systems?

At the last stage, always.
All QC systems should be install after your regular water purification equipment, like for example, after your softeners, or your heavy metals removal filters, or post RO, or as the last layer in pitcher filters, etc.

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